Todd Rhoten


Team Manager| Competes: Surf


Nickname: Toaster, Toad


D.O.B: Sept. 24 O.G.


Board of choice: Surf but sometimes a skim


Regular or Goofy: Regular but sometimes goofy


Ideal session: just the boys at wind chop south beach


Shred crew: Troy, Skizz, Egan, Novak, Laurent


Stomping ground: South beach


Best place you’ve been: Mauritius


Morning or Afternoon: Both


Blondes or Brunettes: Both


Drive or fly: Fly


Tattoos or piercing: neither


Funnier in person or online:  Internet is overrated


Last place you were naked: mowing the lawn


What would your super power be: Teleporting


When I am out on the water I like to... influence others to be better


Dream Destination:  Indo


I know I shouldn't but I still... call out of work when waves are good


How did you get involved with shore lb? Started from the bottom now we here


What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you? get wet, pull in and have a good time 


Shout-outs: Like to give a shout to my parents for all the rides to the beach as a grom and my brother for keeping me young

Photo: Tatum Bacchi
Photo: Tatum Bacchi

Photo: Tatum Bacchi
Photo: Tatum Bacchi

Photo: Ben Faulkinham
Photo: Ben Faulkinham

Photo: Tatum Bacchi
Photo: Tatum Bacchi