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Tim Capra 


Creative Director | Competes: Surf | Bodysurf | SUP

Affiliations: Epic Sessions Instructor & Guide | Vero Beach Lifeguards Association 

Nickname: Tea


D.O.B: 6/10/79


Board of choice: 5'10" dirt surfboard but I like to ride it all. 


Regular or Goofy: Regular 


Ideal session: 10-12' riomar


Shred crew: my girls 


Stomping ground: 17th St. 


Best place you’ve been: Costa Rica 


Morning or Afternoon:  Both


Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes


Drive or fly: drive 


Tattoos or piercing: tattoo


Funnier in person or online:  in person 


Last place you were naked: Disney world 


What would your super power be: to use 100% of my brain 


When I am out surfing: I like to... Sing


Dream Destination: Ireland 


I know I shouldn't but I still...let people borrow my stuff 


How did you get involved with shore lb? sitting in a lifeguard tower/ the universe tends to unfold as is should. 


What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you? No mater what happens in riding or life if you get knocked down you get back up. 


Shout-outs: Dirt surfboards / Hawaii canoe builder of Vero beach /VBLA / maybe shore lb. & may my girls always love me as much as they do now. 

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