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Justin Hayskar

Team Rider | Competes: SUP​

Nickname: Everybody from the hood I grew up in calls me “Hones”. It’s a long story but a good one, remind me to tell you!


D.O.B: August 10, 1979


Board of choice: Currently a Rogue 12’6” race board


Regular or Goofy: Either way depending on the direction of that next buoy turn


Ideal session: Mysto spring fed river paddle or a downwind sprint race


Shred crew: Indian River Paddle Posse and my adoptive Orlando racing crew


Stomping ground: Saint Lucie River North Fork, Indian River Lagoon, Atlantic Ocean


Best place you’ve been: Tie between the Silver River and the Wekiva River, but I plan on adding to that list.


Morning or Afternoon: Morning race, afternoon adventure paddle


Blondes or Brunettes:  Yes please


Drive or fly: Flying is safer, the view is better, and offers more destination options


Tattoos or piercing: One tattoo, that I don’t regret…yet.


Funnier in person or online:  My best material is always in person


Last place you were naked:  Changing in the parking lot after a surf


What would your super power be: Speed of light travel


When I am out paddling I like to... Take a minute to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and be thankful I get to do this.


Dream Destination: Australia…all the way around the entire coast!


I know I shouldn't but I still... Think that the Miami Dolphins are going to win it all this year


How did you get involved with shore lb? Paddle boarding with members of the crew.


What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you? A grass roots, local brand that represents a lifestyle, backed up by a solid crew.


Shout-outs: Monique Walker, a Shore LB sister, for introducing me to SUP, Mike Dobbins at Dean Watersports for the mentoring, gear advice, support, and getting me into racing and Jessica Cichra at Wave of Wellness Orlando for race lessons, coaching, and contagious stoke.

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