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Justin Baker

Team Rider | Competes: Surf


Nickname: BAKER


D.O.B: 7/15/83


Board of choice: Sonic Surfboards Surf/ Skim what ever's available!


Regular or Goofy: Regular


Ideal session: With friends when its piping


Shred crew:  Ellison, Egan, my brother Chad, Feilding, Bill,

Denny G, Rogge's, Hawkins, and everyone else who puts off a good vibe!


Stomping ground: North Jetty Fort Pierce!


Best place you’ve been: Puerto Rico but I've been to Hawaii thats weird i say that i guess its cause Hawaii"s expensive.


Morning or Afternoon: Afternoon is ideal cause getting up early sucks but morning I guess


Blondes or Brunettes: I don't discriminate!


Drive or fly: Fly


Tattoos or piercing: $cars


Funnier in person or online:  In person


Last place you were naked: Lifeguard tower 


What would your super power be: Teleportation in which everything that was touching me could come with me (i need my gear!)


When I am out on the water I like to...Be a good steward to the environment and pick up trash! Good things happen to those who care!


Dream Destination: Heaven


I know I shouldn't but I still… shop at walmart


How did you get involved with shore lb? The roots are so deep you might say I helped plant the tree!


What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you? Pounding sand in search of barrels!!!


Shout-outs: Sonic Surfboards, Subsea Spearguns, Speared Apparel, Realsea camo wetsuits, Moana waterman dive fins, Spearing magazine

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