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Chris Noell

Team Rider | Competes: Surf


Nickname: Plankton, Thor, Dirtbag Carpenter


D.O.B: 11/4/81


Board of choice: Too many boards to choose from


Regular or Goofy: Regular


Ideal session: Barrels with buds


Shred crew: Jefe, Brian, Tea, Chris, Rob, Tony, Sean, Wilder, Trent, Urch, Ryan the Legend, Garrett, Andrew, Jesse, Luke, Troy


Stomping ground: North of Baja, South of Canada


Best place you’ve been: Certain caribbean islands that shall remain unnamed 


Morning or Afternoon: Morning


Blondes or Brunettes: Blondes


Drive or fly: Drive for leisure, fly for efficiency


Tattoos or piercing: None of that


Funnier in person or online: Isn't everyone better in person?


Last place you were naked: Side of the road somewhere when my towel failed me


What would your super power be: Breathe under water


When I am out surfing I like to... Nibble some kelp and chat with the sea lions


Dream Destination: Kiribati Islands


I know I shouldn't but I still... Drink beer occasionally before 12 pm


How did you get involved with shore lb? I was seduced by their suave and sexy lifestyle marketing campaign 


What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you? Momma Ocean takes her payments upfront



Shout-outs: dirt surfboards



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