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Chris Egan

Team Rider | Competes: Surf


Nickname: Egan


D.O.B: 7/5/82


Board of choice: Anything that floats


Regular or Goofy: Regular


Ideal session:  good wind, good swell, good tide, good people


Shred crew: the 300 transplants from South Florida


Stomping ground: north jetty, south beach, spiral, skate park


Best place you’ve been:  Hawaii, Cali, Central America, Abacos


Morning or Afternoon: afternoon...morning sickness sucks!


Blondes or Brunettes: which ever color my wife's hair is at the time.


Drive or fly: Prefer Boat


Tattoos or piercing: Neither


Funnier in person or online:  Parking lot change after sesh


Last place you were naked: Lifeguard tower 


What would your super power be: To read my wife's mind.


When I am out on the water I like to...float like a butterfly.


Dream Destination: New Zealand


I know I shouldn't but I still… pee in my wetsuit (it just feels so good)


How did you get involved with shore lb? because Ellison is my respect since 2000. 


What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you? reward is in the risk.


Shout-outs: Impact, NBC, Dunkin' Donuts, Taco Bell and my wife. 

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