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Chad Oakley

Brand Ambassador 


Nickname: C. O

D.O.B:  10-14-1981

Board of choice: Zap

Regular or Goofy:  Both and the same time

Ideal session: Cabo San Lucas

Shred crew: Chris Ellison, Russ King, Eagon

Stomping ground: Watertown TN, Vero Beach FL

Best place you’ve been:  Vero Beach

Morning or Afternoon: Both

Blondes or Brunettes: To hard to answer

Drive or fly: For real

Tattoos or piercing: None

Funnier in person or online:  In person while online.

Last place you were naked:  church lol ...Shower da

What would your super power be: invisible

When I am out skimming I like to... sing

Dream Destination: Bora bora

I know I shouldn't but I still... Want to streak during the Super Bowl

How did you get involved with shore lb? My brother in law started the company and I've always tried to be a part of the future progress.

What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you?  Life, Love and friends are family

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